Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Add dimension and beauty to your bedroom. These are the best two color combinations for bedroom walls that will make you smile!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of decorating your bedroom. You have a completely blank slate and have a chance to create the exact ambiance and mood that makes you feel both energized and relaxed. Your bedroom is the one place you go to unwind, it should reflect your personality!

Whether you are moving into a brand new bedroom or just want to redo the bedroom you have lived in for a long time, move beyond just one color and add two of them.

Most people use a color pallet around just one color. When you use two colors, you are creating more depth and even more visual interest.

Embrace Two Colors In Bedrooms

It is so easy to pick out your favorite color and go with it – and there is nothing wrong with that! It might be a little bit out of your comfort zone, but you should try to paint your bedroom walls in two colors. When you decorate with two colors, you are making your room more vivid. It adds another dimension and exudes more emotions. You see, colors are known to evoke different emotional reactions in our minds.

In fact, color can be used in therapy to help people heal. Different shades evoke healing, renewal, and refreshment.

So, when you decorate your bedroom, be intentional about the colors you use. Think carefully about the colors you paint the bedroom walls. This is the place you go to feel safe, to relax, and to be yourself. You should use colors that fuel your soul and create the emotions that you want to feel.

In this guide, I’ll share the emotional reactions to colors and give you the best two color combinations for bedroom walls. Then, you can use these colors on your accessories (like your bedspread too!).

How To Design With Two Colors In A Bedroom

I know, it is just easier to use one color on your walls and be done with it. Don’t let the thought of not knowing how to do it keep you from using more than one color. This can be really fun and give your bedroom a completely different feeling and depth.

It’s actually easier than you might think. There are three simple ways to create color combination pairs. You can use complimentary color, contrasting colors, or neutral ones.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. The most common ones are:

  • Yellow and Purple
  • Blue and Orange
  • Red and Green

When you pick out your favorite color for your bedroom, use this online color wheel to see what is on the opposite side. Using complementary colors creates a really bright room.

Monochromatic Color Choices

If you are really nervous about using too much color in your room and you really do have a favorite color, you can also choose a shade that is a little lighter or darker than your main color. Lots of people create an accent wall with a paint color that is a few shades lighter.

For example, some people really like painting their walls a bright blue. Then, they paint an accent wall a light sky blue.

This is actually a trick interior designers use sometimes to make a smaller room feel larger. Painting an accent wall with a really light color makes it feel larger and more open.

Neutral Colors

Finally, you can also use neutral colors as the 2nd color in your bedroom. These colors include white, black, grey, and brown/beige. These colors match just about any color you can think of! Most people try to use a lighter neutral color and bold main colors on their walls.

There really aren’t any rules to follow when you pick out neutral supporting colors. This is one of the best choices if you are nervous about using two colors on your wall.

Best Two Color Combinations For Bedrooms

Are you ready to add some more color to your bedroom walls? Let’s go through the primary colors of the rainbow and look at the best two color combinations for bedroom walls. These will look the best and be the easiest to decorate around. Remember: always follow your heart. This is your bedroom, the place you should feel the most at home.

Red Color Combinations

Red is an energizing color. It exudes feelings of power and passion. When you use it in your bedroom, it tends to be a color that immediately makes you stop and look at it, often overpowering the other colors around it.

When you decorate with red, you can either go really vibrant or pick out a color that is more supportive, giving the red the entire focus.

Red And Blue

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Red and blue are complementary colors on completely opposite sides of the color wheel. They are used in so many different design themes.

Go with a primary red and blue for a patriotic look. Or, choose a bright red and navy blue for a nautical theme.

This is also a really easy way to incorporate a sports theme in your bedroom.

Red and blue is a very popular color combination for bedrooms because there are so many different themes that you can create around them.

Pale Red and Dark Grey

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

If you mute the red a little bit and use a dark grey, you will create an almost monochromatic look. Only use this combination in large rooms. Using too many dark colors in a small room makes it feel even smaller.

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Red and Orange

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Red and orange are both colors that you’ll see every fall as the leaves litter your lawn. When you use these two colors together, use the same shades of each so they pair better. You could use light pink and salmon or zesty orange with bright red. Since there is red in orange (orange is a mixture of red and yellow) these two colors are perfect together.

Be daring and paint a red wall with orange stencils on top! Or paint orange walls with red wall art. Have fun, this is a daring combo.

Red And Yellow

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Red and yellow is a really fun combination to use in kid’s bedrooms, toy rooms, or nurseries. Be careful with how you use it – if you use the two primary colors, it could look too much like McDonald’s. Instead, try to use these combinations:

  • Gold and Ruby
  • Pink and pastel yellow
  • Marigold and Crimson

Orange Color Combinations

Orange is another strong and energetic color. It’s a combination of red and yellow so it is also known as a “warm color.” Psychologically, it creates feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and renewal. Since it is the color of the fruit, it reminds people of healing (vitamin C from oranges).

When you use orange on your bedroom walls, you can either go all the way and create a vibrant room. Or, you can use more neutral tones and create a room that reminds you of a relaxing sunset.

Salmon and Teal

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Salmon and teal are very trendy colors. You’ll find them together on rugs, bedspreads, and wall art. Use both of them on your bedroom walls, too! Start with a teal base coat and then add some salmon accents. You could always paint geometric shapes on your walls with these two colors too.

Want to test these colors in your room? You can get a sample here.

Orange and Pink

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Since they are so close on the color wheel, most people might not think to use pink and orange together, but they look so bright and cheerful when you do!

What you’ll discover is that by using pink and orange together, you are creating a funky design theme. Take it all the way and embrace this boho feel with patchwork quilts and art deco light fixtures.

Orange and Navy

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Another way to use these two complimentary shades is to paint with the darker end of the spectrum.

Use a dark orange with navy blue for a darker color palette. The deep tones of navy contrasts with the vibrant and playful orange. When you want a room that is both fun and serious, this is a fantastic choice!

Tangerine and Emerald Green

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Nature itself can’t be wrong. Bright and juicy tangerines with green leaves are the perfect inspiration for your bedroom. Paint bright orange walls with a jewel-toned accent color. They are both warm colors, so the result with be a cozy bedroom that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Orange and Beige

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Orange and beige almost look monochromatic, but it is lovely pair. When you use a light orange with beige, it has a country feel to it. It looks like a sunrise or an orange orchard. Be careful as you pick out a beige because if you use one with any red in it, it will look like a lighter shade of orange.

Yellow Color Combinations

Yellow is known as a purifying color. It stimulates the mind and since it is the color of the sun, it sparks feelings of happiness. It is often regarded as a very intense color, so it can invoke strong feelings. If you want a serene and relaxing bedroom, use lighter shades.

You should only use yellow as a bedroom wall color if you feel happy when you are surrounded with it. This is a very divisive color. For some people it energizes and makes them feel happy. For others, it makes them feel frustrated and angry – or even hungry! This is why it is mostly used as an accent color and not the main one.

Here are some of the most popular colors that you can use with yellow on your bedroom walls.

Rustic Yellow and Red

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

This pairing reminds me of a picnic! You can paint the perfect farmhouse or cottage chic picture in your bedroom with rustic red walls and yellow accents. Use a bright red and a light yellow to make it look like an exciting scheme that is full of life.

I draw my inspiration from nature and you will find lots of flowers that have shades of red and yellows in them. In fact, they go so well together that when you mix them together you get orange!

Gold and Tan

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

If you want something that is more muted and natural, use shades of yellow and brown. If you use a light yellow, pair it with a darker brown. One way to do this is by painting some of your walls yellow and then using a natural stain on shiplap for your other walls.

This is a really great theme if you have lots of natural-wood furniture in your bedroom. It shows off those beautiful wood grains.

Mustard and Blue-Grey

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Another popular choice for bedroom walls is using both blue and yellow. Almost any shade of blue will look perfect with yellow! I like the deeper mustard color with a muted blue-grey. Other creative choices could be an aqua or sea blue with a bright yellow. Instantly my mind goes to the burning sunshine on the brilliant water at the beach!

Sunshine and Moss Green

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Yellow also goes perfectly with shades of green. The dazzling yellow pops against either dark forest green or a light moss green. Since both of these colors are found in nature, they are natural friends on your bedroom wall too! This is the best duo to use when you want to try color blocking for the first time.

When you use green, make it the main color and use yellow as the accent color. This way, it enhances the beauty of the green tones.

Canary and Violet

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Just imagine it – a happy little yellow bird, sitting among some lively violets blooming in the Spring! That is the inspiration for this duo. They are both very robust colors, so make sure you establish one as the primary color and the other as the secondary one. Decorate the room with more florals and earth tones for the perfect scene.

Yellow and Black

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Black matches just about everything – including yellow. In fact, it reminds me of fuzzy bumblebees. Most people will paint an entire room yellow and use black as the accent color. Since black basically absorbs light, it’s not a good idea to use as the main color in a room. It gives the ideal amount of contrast to rooms that use mostly yellow colors though.

Green Color Combinations

Green is linked to nature and helps people to feel rooted in their surroundings. Since it falls on the same side of the color wheel as blue, it is known as a cool color, so it is calming and refreshing.

In literature, this color is used to describe both luck and envy. Some people see it and think of money or financial happiness.

From the dark forest greens to the super-bright lime green, this color has a ton of different emotions it can convey. These are some of the best ways to use green with other colors on your bedroom walls.

Mint and Lilac

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Mint is a greenish-blue color, so this combination could be filed under blue or green. In fact, on the color wheel it is halfway between blue and green.

This light color looks fantastic with lilac. It makes you think of springtime blooms and floral scenes. It’s a way to use both warm and cool tones in the same room.

Aqua Green and Indigo

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

You can also pair a light aqua green with deep blue indigo. This mixture will remind you of the ocean and waterscapes. Since there is some blue in the aqua green, it will look natural and stunning with a darker blue. In fact, aqua and green is used often in fashion color blocking.

Green and Dusty Pink

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Another classic pairing the draws from nature is green and dusty pink. These are the two colors in rose bouquets and romantic scenery. You’ll find these colors on vintage furniture and vases. Make one one a dark velvet green and the others a light pink for a stunning picture.

Fern and Tangerine

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

These are very bold hues, so when you use them, make sure everything around it is more muted. These two colors are the ideal way to capture the energy of nature and harness it within your bedroom.

If you don’t want to use two equally-bright colors, then you can use a green with lots of white mixed into it with a darker orange for a different feel.

Pistachio and Plum

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

This is another fresh take on putting green and purple together. Instead of using both light shades, paint with a really dark plum – or aubergine. Then, accent with a really light pistachio. The best thing about these two colors is that they look lovely with gold or brass accents in your furniture and light fixtures.

When you use a dark purple with a really light green, the green gets to stand out. It’s stunning!

Blue Color Combinations

Blue is a funny color because it can evoke completely opposite emotions in people. In some people, this color is serene and peaceful. In others, it is icy or cold. Literature uses blue to symbolize depression. Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

When you are trying to choose colors for your bedroom walls, think about the tones you want to use. Blue can have jewel tones, pastels, and deep rich hues too. Then, pick out colors that fall in that same section of the color wheel.

Sapphire and Amethyst

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Sapphire is a blue jewel that glistens – it’s a very rich shade and pairs the best with a robust purple like amethyst. If you paint your bedroom walls sapphire, add a few accent stripes of amethyst and it will look delicate and breathtaking.

This tip goes back to my original suggestion to use the same tone with both colors. If you use a jewel tone in one, find the same jewel tone in the other shade.

Periwinkle and White

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

When you paint your walls periwinkle and white, you will give it a very light, airy, and neutral look. Periwinkle is a dusty blue-grey. Use a small amount on your walls before you paint the entire thing, because it could change shades and appearances depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight in the room.

Navy Blue and Silver

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

This is a popular wedding color combination that adds elegance to your bedroom. Add even more beauty with a chandelier and mirrors. Navy blue and silver is a combination that will grow with you and age really well. You can even use these colors in your furniture and wall decor.

Teal and Mauve

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Mauve is a color that looks almost pink with a slight purple hue. Pair it with a jeweled-tone teal for a room that feels soft and feminine. This color combination looks lovely with floral accents. Most people prefer to use teal as the main color and mauve as the accent color.

White Color Combinations

White is another color that evokes different feelings in people. Some people see it and feel pure, peaceful, and relaxed. Others see it and feel like it is clinical, cold, or bland. One thing you can know for sure is that everything goes with white. You really can’t go wrong when one of your two color combinations for bedroom walls is white.

Bubblegum and White

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Pink and white are a classic color combination! You could go full-girly-girl and use bright pink and stark white. Or, you could use a pastel pink and white to create a room that feels more muted and grown-up. Any shade of pink looks cute and perfect when you add white accents.

Navy and White

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Navy is a classic blue color that is the base for lots of color themes like nautical or regal. Since the color tends to be so overpowering, when you use white, you still create dimension without overwhelming your senses.

Peaches and Cream

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

If you have a small room that you want to feel bigger, pair light peach walls with white. This paint scheme will remind you of summertime and ice cream! Plus, the light colors make the entire room feel like it airy and more open.

Teal and White

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Teal is an oceanic combination of blue, green, and white. Use both teal and white when you want a bedroom that has a theme around water or invokes cooler energies. This is a really easy color combination that almost anyone will enjoy.

Neutral Color Combinations

Finally, there are a bunch of colors that I will refer to as neutral. These are colors like grey, brown and black. These are found in nature too and are safe colors to use on your bedroom walls. They go with just about any color that you can think of. Even the name “neutral” tells you that they don’t create a jarring reaction, they naturally match almost anything.

Sage and Misty Grey

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Sage is a green color that is toned down with greys. Many people say this is a relaxing shade. Pairing it with misty grey is a way of creating a hazy atmosphere in your bedroom that helps you relax. This is the perfect color combo if you want to add plants or other pieces of nature in your bedroom decor.

Royal Purple and Pewter Grey

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

It’s called royal purple because for years only royalty could afford the dye to make this color for their clothes. It’s a very vibrant shade of purple, so use a muted grey to compliment it. These two colors work best in larger bedrooms.

Forest Green and Tan

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Create a forest scene in your bedroom with just two colors. Paint the walls the colors of the evergreen leaves and use the tan of the tree bark in the accent colors. These two colors look dashing with natural wood furniture like oak and pine.

When you use deep green colors, accent it with a lighter brown color so that it shows up and provides the much-needed contrast.

Monochromatic Black and White

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Lots of design themes use simple black and white walls and decor. The most popular one is Scandanavian decor. Others include farmhouse or cottage chic. These two colors evoke simplicity, frugality, and are incredibly easy to decorate around. They never go out of style and will last beyond trends.

Grey on Grey

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

You can never go wrong with a dark grey and light grey on your walls. These two colors are fantastic especially if you are trying to sell your house. This is the color pallet of a blank slate. It allows the imagination to run free and gives you plenty of choices for beddings and accessories around your room.

Paint Samples

Try before you buy with paint samples.

My favorite way to try out new paint colors is with a company called Samplize. You can purchase as many peel-and-stick paint samples as you need to find your perfect paint color.

What sets Samplize apart from paint swatches you can get from the store is the accuracy. While most stores will dye their paint samples to resemble the paint color, Samplize uses the actual paint!

Another bonus is the flexibility and forgiving nature of Samplize paint samples. You can take the peel-and-stick paint sample off the wall and place it onto another without any wall damage.

Best Two Color Combinations for Bedroom: Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are some of the best two color combinations for bedroom walls. What do you think? Which ones do you want to try? If you are nervous about using two colors, bring a sample home and paint a little bit on your walls and see how you like it.

The best thing about using two colors is that it gives you a chance to create moods in your room. You can make a bedroom peaceful or energizing just by using different colors together. Have fun! This is your room, so follow your heart! When you do, you will be happy, no matter what experts say.

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